Toddler Boy Gift Guide

Here are some of my favorite gifts for toddler boys around the age of 2! 

Pok A Dot Book– We currently have one of these and Cliff loves it. It is interactive and keeps his attention for a solid amount of time. They have some that are strictly for entertainment and some that are educational.

Balance Bike– Cliff love Mommy and Daddy’s bike so he is getting his own bike for Christmas. He currently has the radio flyer tricycle and the pedals are still a little complicated for him so we are hoping the balance bike will be a little more fun and less frustrating. Don’t worry we already have a helmet! 

Vacuum Cleaner– This toy is one of Cliff’s favorites at school and when we go to friends houses. It will also teach him how to “help” Mommy clean. We have to start these boys early with their cleanliness. 

Hot Wheels Track– GG & Scout (my mom and Dad) got Cliff a Hot Wheels track over Thanksgiving and we spent hours playing with it. My Grandmom (my Dad’s mom) saved all of his Hot Wheels from when he was a kid and Cliff get’s to play with them while we are in Houston

Hot Wheels Car Storage– A good addition to go with the Hot Wheels track and cars. In my opinion, if you are adding toys to the collection you also need to add a way to store them. 

Hot Wheels Car Gift Set– You can’t have a Hot Wheels track without some cars!

Kitchen Step Stool– We have so many friends who have different version of this stool. I found a relatively cheap stool that Cliff can stand on in the kitchen while I cook. He has recently taken interest in cooking and baking and this is a safe way for him to get to counter level without my holding him. 

Lincoln Logs – This is an Alden pick! He played with Lincoln Logs growing up and want to share the fun with Cliff. I will report back once we have played with them.

Duplo Legos– We can’t go to the mall without a stop at the Lego store so I think it is time for Cliff to have some Legos of his own. The Duplo Legos are the bigger ones that are easier for the kiddos to use and easier for the mamas to clean up.

Housekeeping Set– This is another one of Cliff’s favorites at school and friends houses. Again, this will also teach him to start using the cleaning tools so he can “help” with household chores.

Cash Register– We currently have the cash register from Ikea but if we didn’t this is the one I would get! Cliff loves playing with buttons, putting the money in the drawer and swiping the card. He has started to learn the concept of money, the credit card and buying things. 

Play Money– If you are going to buy the cash register you have to have some money to play with. Beware that the same monster that eats socks in the laundry also eats money. We have ordered this set for Cliff to re-stock his cash register.

Mini Trampoline– Cliff loves to play on all things that allow him to bounce. One of our closest buddies, Deacon, has a trampoline and Cliff is going to get his very own this year. We haven’t decided if the trampoline is going to be Christmas or birthday. 

Ride on Jeep with Remote Control– Our neighbors all ride in their trucks and Barbie jeeps down the street. Cliff loves riding with them but does not quite understand the concept of pushing the pedal and steering. We are going to solve the problem for him by getting him a Jeep that we control with the remote. He also LOVES Jeeps because there is a Jeep at the Cabin in Colorado!

Pop Up Soccer Goal– Cliff loves balls and loves to kick so we are going to start introducing the concept of soccer! 

Light Up Soccer Ball– And if he is getting a soccer goal he will need a soccer ball. So, why not one that lights up? 

Art Easel– This is a favorite birthday gift that many of us have gone in on for the kiddos birthday’s lately. From what I have been told, they are a huge hit!

Lacing Beads– This is a great for improving fine motor skills and will hopefully occupy them for quite some time. The only downfall here is that you could end up with beads all over your house. 

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