Baby Girl 0-1 Gift Guide

I have a little (6 month old) niece who is coming in town for Christmas and I was racking my brain on what in the world to get her. I know I have an almost 2 year old but for some reason I couldn’t remember what Cliff played with over a year ago. Also, she is a girl…and I still have A LOT of learning to do on girls. So, I did what I do when I need help, texted my mom friends! We came up with a good list and I also searched the “baby toy” bins that we have in Brooke’s closet for when she is old enough to start playing. Here are some ideas for those of you buying for baby girls this Christmas. 

FatBrainToys Tobbles Neo– Stacking toys were a favorite of ours and this one is even cute!! (Spoiler Alert- this is one of the gifts I bought)

Jelly Cat Unicorn– So apparently little girls these days love unicorns. And what kiddo doesn’t love Jelly Cat stuffed animals? (Spoiler Alert- this is one of the gifts I bought)

Jelly Cat Unicorn Board Book– This a touch and feel board book to go with the stuffed animal. This is great for kids who aren’t mobile but are starting to take interest in texture. (Spoiler Alert- this is one of the gifts I bought)

Wooden Teether– So many kids between the ages of 3-12 months are constantly putting things in their mouth. This teether is safe, chemical free and cute. This would make a good gift for mom and baby.

Sensory Teether– This teether has a little more to it and is one that we own and Cliff loved. This is also safe for the kids, promotes two hand play and has a rattle in the center block to keep their attention and curiosity.

Joovy Walker– This is one of those items that we didn’t have with Cliff but I wanted and never bought. It is a simple walker that serves a dual purpose as a walker and high chair. It also has 3 height settings so it will grow with the child.

Vtech Sit to Stand Learning Walker– This is the toy the motivated Cliff to walk. He loved playing with all of the buttons on the front and the wheels on this walker have enough grip so that the walker doesn’t roll away when the kids try and stand up. This walker comes in a variety of colors too!

Indestructibles Book– These books are great because they are truly indestructible.These are a true gift because they will go the distance!

Doorway Jumper– This what a recommendation from my mom friends. So many of their kids loved doorway jumpers and this is a great price point for a gift! 

Ball Pit– The ball pit was a HUGE hit at our house and honestly still is. We got this for Cliff one time he was sick and we were stuck in the house for 12 days. It has been a fan favorite ever since. 

Balls for Ball Pit– You can’t forget the balls when you order the ball pit. I made that rookie mistake when ordering the pit and then had to wait another 2 days for the balls. Oops!

Pink Push Car– We obviously have this in blue but this was one of the best gifts we received. It makes walks down the street fun and interactive. We were actually leaving church today and Cliff was begging me to ride in the one they had at church. So clearly it is still a hit with toddlers as well!

Tree Swing-This is a must-have in my opinion as soon as the kiddo can sit up and support their own head. It is a great way to get outside for some fresh air and put a smile on your baby’s face. This is another toy that Cliff still loves and begs to use!

Tummy Time Mirror– We had a mirror similar to this and used it every time we did tummy time. He loved looking at himself and as he got bigger loved playing with the little toys that are attached. This is a simple, cheap gift that will serve a great purpose!

Cloth Book– When in doubt, a cloth book is always a good gift. When they are really little they will just like the texture and noise and as they grow up they will enjoy interacting with the pages. The tails book is one of our favorites! 

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