Staying Breakout-Free During the Holidays

This week is the kick off to holiday and Christmas parties for us. We get to dress up, eat yummy food and deserts and  drink (for those of you who can drink) delicious cocktails. Such a fun time of year but also a tricky time of year for those of us who struggle with breakouts. 

With all the extra hair products and additions to make up how do we keep the pesky zits from appearing? I am going to share with you the products and habits that I use to manage my skin during this time of year!

First rule of thumb…never go to bed without washing your face.
This may sound simple or a like no-brainer to you but for me this has been a game changer. In the past if I was “too tired” I would go to bed with a full face of makeup! I really find that showering is a little more effective but if you are getting home late and know you are waking up in a few hours with a little one or for work sometimes you just don’t have time. So, at least wash your face!  

I have been using the Beautycounter Countercontrol collection. This short video shows you the order in which to use the products.

I wash with the cleanser, use the toner, apply the all over acne treatment but then use the Countermatch Sleeping cream. I have found that using this super hydrating cream has helped offset the drying ingredients that are in the Countercontrol products. 

Especially right now, I am also using the charcoal mask and the overnight resurfacing peel. The charcoal mask “helps deeply cleanse and draw out impurities as well as aids cell turnover to smooth and refine skin”. The resurfacing peel has “15 botanically-derived acids resurface skin without irritation, leaves skin smoother and more radiant, minimizes the appearance of pores reduces the appearance of fine lines and dark spots.”

And if you get a pimple, which I guarantee you I will, you can use the Acne spot treatment. This has been very effective for me so far!! 

Please let me know if you have ANY questions at all! If you are interested in ordering any of these products or other Beautycounter products click here

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