Holidays and Cancer

This is my first time to have guest author on the blog and I am so excited. I would like to introduce you to my dear friend, Stacey Peterson. We were put into each other’s lives when I worked for the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. I lost my grandmother, Nonny, to ovarian cancer and my time spent with this organization was focused on raising awareness for the disease as well as connecting with survivors. Stacey is 12 year ovarian cancer survivor, mother of Faith and an author of two books. Here is what she would like to share with you guys…

(excuse the blurry picture but it was raining when we took this picture a few years ago at a Run/Walk)

Stacey Peterson- The craziness of December is upon us. As a parent, you are running from recital practice to midterm tutoring and still trying to find the best deals on all those gifts. When will the chaos stop… 

Sarah and I have known each other for 4 years and our love of family and dedication to women’s health has bonded us together. So when she asked me what advice I could give as a mom and cancer survivor, to make life simple around the holidays I was excited to reach out to her friends, family, and followers.

Let’s just say Santa had it right! Make a list and check it twice! My sanity, though it’s a bit sketchy at times, can be contributed to making lists and sticking to them.  I have always been a list maker but, when I became a mom and cancer patient simultaneously, my need for lists exploded. Lists are not a sign of weakness or a failure in any way; quite the contrary. People who use lists get more done and are less likely to “drop-the-ball.” Moms, I’m telling you this is going to be a game changer for you.

It’s simple enough, you get a small notepad, a whiteboard, or use the notes app on your phone. Each day I suggest you make a short list under each of these categories or make your own. 

  • Spiritual:
  • Self
  • Physical:
  • Financial:
  • Nutritional:
  • Family:

This is going to be your daily list that helps create balance and organization. I have replaced my spiritual tab and have just set an alarm on my phone to stop whatever it is I am doing and pray. People who are consistently around me know that my phone is going to sound at 12:30, during the softball game, during the lunch hour or during my drive as I will be pausing to share my gratitude and concerns with our Lord. It helps to make your list balanced and achievable. Under the family tab you will be tempted to put 10 different items; don’t. Be sensible and don’t overwhelm yourself with more than you can get done in one day. 

“Most people overestimate what they can do in a day, and underestimate what they can do in a month.  We overestimate what we can do in a year, and underestimate what we can accomplish in a decade.” 

Mathew Kelly

Also remember a walk to clear your head can also be your physical chore for the day too. 

  1. Don’t put too many things on your list.
  2. Cross off items as you do them.
  3. Find what works for you and use it! (I like to prioritize my list.)

Upon completion of my cancer treatments, I started to write two books of lists that I wish I would have had as I tried to balance cancer and being a mom. My Christmas wish is that you check out both titles on Amazon and cross off some shopping items from your list.

Jellybeans for Mom and It Isn’t Ugly Forever.  Click here for the links.

I have seasonal updates to my website and give a variety or updates on my FB page booksbyspeterson

One thought on “Holidays and Cancer

  1. I love seeing this! Stacey, you write so beautiful. Your words are encouraging and true. To anyone reading this, I STRONGLY suggest that you get her books. They are a easy read and not at all dreary. I have bought several for family and friends because I felt they would help caregivers and patients in whatever stage they are in. It doesn’t matter what kind of cancer is had, this book fits it all. Even other illnesses.
    Stacey, you are an amazing fighter, supporter, and doer! The world is a better place because of your heart. ❤️❤️❤️

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