Essential Oils for Beginners

I am sure at some point in the last few years you have heard about essential oils and have wondered what all the hype is about. What do they do? Do they work? I am still new-ish to the essential oil scene but I do think there is something to it. I am NOT an expert but I do use them and love what I use them for! 

A good place to start is with a diffuser and begin using oils to make your house smell yummy. When I first started using oils I became a YoungLiving member (Member# 3801901 if you want to use it to buy anything off their website) and purchased the Dewdrop Diffuser. I keep this by my bed and usually diffuse something as we go to sleep!

Here is a quick list of my favorite oils to diffuse:

I am total candle addict but diffusers will make your house or room smell just as delicious and at half the price! 

My favorite use for essential oils is immunity boost. We load up with the Thieves roller year round! I roll this on myself and Cliff almost everyday to fight off all the toddler germs. I also use the 

Here is a list of my favorite brands to use and some starter kits:

I told you…I am still learning! But I will share more with you as I go! Here are some quick tips from YoungLiving as you get started on your essential oil journey

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