Meet Milton

Meet Milton Alexander Sanches Alvarado! He is the newest addition to the Harris family. He was born on February 4, 2017 and lives in Canton Llano de la Lguna, El Salvador with his family but we have sponsored him through Compassion International. His primary caregiver is Elvia Marina Alvarado de Sanchez and he loves to play with cars!

By sponsoring Milton we have allowed the staff of Leon de Jud  Student Center to provide him with Bible classes, medical checkups, nutritious snacks, birthday celebrations, vocational workshops and school reinforcement. The center staff will also provide vocational workshops and schooling for the parents or guardians of Milton.

I give you all of this information for two main reasons:

  1. To ask you to please join our family in praying for Milton, his family and the community that he lives in! 
  2. To provide you with information about Compassion International if you are interested in sponsoring a child! This is a very SIMPLE way to make a HUGE impact in a child’s life!

Here is a short video with more information!

We look forward to watching Milton grow up with Cliff throughout the years (they are only a few weeks apart in age) and hope to share this journey with you! 

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