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The kitchen is finally done! We are in a much more manageable place with the cabinets, pantry and drawers all de-cluttered and organized. Some of the drawers were just re-organized and some drawers have new items in them. I took certain items from the pantry and the cabinets and made their home a drawer. We will see how I like it over time!

Before Pictures:

After Pictures:

  1. Our knives used to be in two place so I took all the sharp knives from the old silverware drawer and the knife block and put them in this drawer. This way they are all in the same place and the knife block isn’t sucking up usable space.
  2. In the silverware drawer I decided to downsize a little. We had two full sets and I sold one set to give us more room. I separated the “toddlerware” into it’s own bin and then made a specific place for chop sticks.
  3. The junk drawer will always be a junk drawer with all things miscellaneous. No one ever said you have to get all new products when you organize so I decided to use bins I already had for this drawer. I threw away a good amount of trash and then separated items by category as much as possible.
  4. I wasn’t sure if the utensil drawer was possible to organize but I have been surprised by how much these bins make a difference. The few bins that I placed in this drawer separate everything just enough so that it doesn’t all get mixed up in each other. It also allows me to easily see where things go when I am unloading the dishwasher.
  5. All I did with bowl drawer was make sure that the only thing in the drawer was bowls. Then I placed all the silver bowls, colorful bowls and glass bowls together. Very simply and quick but really makes a difference.
  6. The tupperware drawer has always been a pet peeve of mine. So, I took everything out, matched tops with containers and anything that didn’t have a match went into the trash. I decided to store containers with lids on them so we would know which lids go with which containers. Prior to this I was never really able to find the lids and it was may more work than it needed to be.
  7. The spices used to be in our pantry taking up an entire shelf. I didn’t feel like this was necessary so I moved them to a drawer. They might be a little more difficult to access but I would rather use the pantry space for something else.

Products Used:

Spice DrawerYouCopia Spice Organizer

Knife Drawer – Knife Dock

Silverware DrawerMadesmart Expandable Utensil tray

Utensil Drawer- InterDesign Drawer Organizer Starter Kit

Junk Drawer – I used mainly old bins and extras from the starter kit. I think the colorful bins are from Ikea

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