2 Years as a Mommy

January 13th 2017 was the day that changed my life FOREVER. January 13th 2017 was the day I became a mommy. I remember it like it was yesterday and I am having trouble understanding how in the WORLD it was two years ago! Where did time go?? How are we celebrating Cliff’s second birthday this weekend?

It is really hard to put into words…especially two years later…but bringing life into the world is truly unlike anything else I have ever experienced. I always tell people it is the closest we will get to heaven until we actually get there. This sweet precious baby is 100% a gift from the Lord and the day you give birth is the day you receive that gift. The details of the day are all a little hazy but the moment I met my first born son is forever in my head and my heart. I remember him being laid on my chest and seeing him was so overwhelming I couldn’t help but cry. It wasn’t a cry I had EVER cried before though! It was a happy and undeserving cry. I couldn’t believe that I got to be the mommy to this sweet boy! I couldn’t believe that he was finally here! I couldn’t believe it! And sometime when I look at him now I still can’t believe it. How did I get so lucky?

Being a mom has been the best job I have ever had and could have ever imagined for myself! Taking care of this delicate and precious life day and night is my greatest privilege.

The first year of Cliff’s life was such a learning experience. I understand now why first born children are called “guinea pigs”. I had no idea how to change a diaper, how to breastfeed, how to pump, how to be up at all hours of the night, how to soothe a sick baby…the list goes on. But I did it. And learned SO much along the way.

By the time Cliff was six months old I felt like we were really getting the hang of the whole parenting thing. We had gotten him to sleep through the night (for the most part), we had endured our fair amount of illness and we were all still alive to talk about it! Cliff was such a fun baby and has always had so much personality. Around six months (give or take) he really started to show who he was! He was so active, so “talkative’ and so sweet!

The rest of the year was SO MUCH FUN! We had Cliff’s first Halloween, first Thanksgiving and first Christmas. Seeing the holiday’s through a kid’s eyes is SO FUN! We followed up the fun holiday season with Cliff’s first birthday! we had all of our closest friends and family over to the house and had a fabulous celebration. It was also right around this time Cliff started walking and that was when the party really started! He had figured out how to get places really fast and had found new independence.

Year two of Cliff’s life has been an absolute blast! Are there hard days? Sure! But the uncountable good moments and good days greatly outweigh those hard moments. So much has happened during Cliff’s second year of life. He has learned how to walk and RUN…and boy he is fast. He has learned how to talk and has recently learned how to sing his favorite songs! He has been on many road trips and on his first flight. He has learned the names of all of his favorite people and love them all SO BIG. Everyone is his “best friend”!

This fall he started “school” and absolutely loves it. He adores his teachers, Ms. Jane & Ms. Helen, and has so many fun buddies. He has also been in swim lessons and will graduate to swimming without mom in the pool in a few weeks!

There are 1000 things that I am leaving out but I tell you all of this because as Cliff’s mommy I am in awe of him. It is incredible to watch the baby that you gave birth to develop into a little boy. Sometimes I wish I could pause time so he doesn’t grow up too fast but watching him grow up has been such a joy. I look at him all the time and just thank God for his joy, his health, his personality and his life! My mom has always told me, “There is nothing like a mother’s love.” I never really understood what this meant until I became a mother and boy was she right!! Well, let’s be honest, as I grow up and venture through different seasons of life I am learning that she was right about A LOT of stuff! 🙂

In a few short weeks I will, God willing, be a mommy to two children! So much will change…but my love won’t. I love both of these kids so much and I hope that they grow up knowing that!

All pictures found in this post were taken by Mallory Shelton. If you need a photographer in Dallas check out her website. She is an absolute joy to work with and has become more than a photographer, she has become a friend!

Mallory Shelton

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