The First 5 Weeks of Learning

5 weeks ago we brought Brooke into this world! Here is what we have been up to for the last 5 weeks:

  • All of us learning how to be a family of 4
  • Me learning how to be a mom of 2
  • Alden learning how to be a dad of 2
  • Cliff learning how to be a big brother
  • Brooke learning how to be earth side
  • Ellie (the dog) learning how to handle another baby in the house
  • Me and Alden learning how to be married with 2 kids
  • Me learning how to get both kids in the car alone
  • Alden learning that “work” doesn’t stop when he gets home…it’s just a different kind of work. We are man-on-man with our kids right now so we all stay busy
  • Cliff learning how to share Mommy’s attention
  • Brooke learning how to get herself to sleep
  • Me and Alden learning that finding time to have adult conversation is hard

So, you get it…A LOT of learning going on around here! We all have good days and bad days. We all need to give each other a lot of grace. We all need to remember that we aren’t perfect and don’t really know what we are doing.

I have talked to friends and family over the last 5 weeks who have asked me, “How is it going?” My answer is different every time. Sometimes things are going great and I actually mean it! But sometimes I feel like I’m totally failing and that this 2 kids thing is impossible. I mean what do you do when one kid decides to take his diaper off, poops and end up covered in it and the other kid wakes up and is screaming crying because she needs nursed? Or what do you do when you are trying to nurse the baby and the toddler is legit trying to drop kick you? Or what do you do when you are so tired that you legit can’t keep your eyes open?

I do a lot of praying, I do a lot of drinking coffee and I do a lot of talking to my mom friends who are in it with me! The other night my sweet friend sent this to us and it is so SPOT ON!

We have had so many sweet moments that will be life long memories. BUT we have also had so many moments that have been tough. I have spent many moments soaking in the the newborn stage and in awe of precious Brooke. BUT I have also spent many moments where I don’t know what in the world to do to get her to stop crying. I write all of this just to speak truth! In a world of hiding behind our perfect Instagram life I want to be real with you!!

So, if you are in a season of “learning” just know that you don’t need to be perfect or fake it, it’s going to be hard and you will have good and bad days. Also, know that you aren’t in it alone!

Happy 5 week birthday Brooke and happy birthday Scout!!

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