Newborn Must Haves

I am 8 weeks into life with my second baby and I want to share with you some of the things you ACTUALLY need for baby. With so many items out there it’s hard to know what you truly need but this is my opinion of what that is. This blog post has been a true labor of love so I hope you find something on here helpful for either yourself or someone else. As always, if you have ANY questions please let me know!!

FOR BABY 0-3 Months

Baby Bjorn Bouncer- Cliff and Brooke have both loved this seat at around 6 weeks. It is a perfect place for them to spend some awake time!

Boppy Lounger– We used this with both kids for just hanging out (awake and asleep) It isn’t recommenced for sleep so always supervise your baby if they are in this!

StrollerUPPAbaby Vista vs Baby Jogger. I used the Baby Jogger Citi Mini with Cliff. I liked it because it was small and light but I didn’t feel like there was enough storage under it for bags etc. It also didn’t transition to a double stroller. So, if you are planning to have kids two-ish years apart I would go ahead and get a stroller that transitions to a double. I am using the UPPABaby Vista with Brooke. It is the Suburban of strollers but it’s great with two kids. There are also so many ways to configure it! It is pricey if you buy it brand new but you can easily find one used. I got mine off of a Facebook Garage Sale.

Car SeatUPPAbaby Mesa and Chicco Key Fit. We used the Chicco with Cliff and absolutely loved it. It’s very easy to use and very safe. The only reason I switched over the Mesa was because it clicks into the Vista. Brooke tolerates it but doesn’t particularly love it or hate it. I will report back on this once we get further into using it. The main downfall of the Mesa is that it doesn’t have an adapter for the Bob.

JoggerSingle and Double Bob. I used the single with Cliff and am using the double with both kids! It’s perfect for walking and/or jogging but a little big for everyday use.

Zip Pjs and/or Gowns-
I am all about simple and easy for the middle of the night changing and feeding! The gowns or zips make changing diapers really simple. Nobody wants to be buttoning up a onesie at 2 AM.

Miracle Blanket Swaddle- We never found the “perfect” swaddle for Cliff but we started using the Miracle Blanket at around 2 weeks with Brooke and she loves it. When it’s time for her to sleep we swaddle her tight, give her a paci and she puts herself to sleep!

Soothie Paci- Every kid is different and everyone has their own opinions but these are the pacis that Brooke loves. Cliff didn’t take a paci until 6 months and now he uses Dr. Browns

Nightlight– I ordered this night light off amazon and have really enjoyed it with Brooke. It has three levels of brightness and is also just an easy touch for on and off. Very user friendly for the middle of the night and your brain isn’t fully functioning. We have also used the owl and the Hatch

Noisemakers– We are a noise maker family and have one in every room. We all have this one but we also have the Hatch in the kids rooms and the owl. I also received the Babyshusher as a gift and it had been AMAZING!

DiapersHonest vs Pampers Swaddlers. We really like Pampers Swaddlers for the newborn stage. They are a little more flexible in my opinion. Once we get to size 2 or 3 we make the switch over to Honest. We like how they keep everything in and they are super cute.

Bow-Hiney Butter Brooke got a really bad diaper rash the first week she was home and this was the only thing that seemed to work for her.

Waterproof Pads These have so many uses in our house. In the crib under her head so I don’t have to change sheets every time she spits up, on the changing pad, on the couch for quick diaper changed etc….

Water Wipes- These were gifted to me at my sprinkle and have been such a great addition. They are much wetter than the Honest wipes we use with Cliff and help in getting all the breastfeeding poop off.

Beautycounter Baby Stuff Beautycounter has a baby and kids line and we use both. I have the wash, diaper cream, body oil and healing balm for Brooke. I bath her with the wash, rub her entire body down with the oil and use the healing balm in places that really need some love. I also use the diaper cream as needed.

Baby Bath-We bought a smaller bath sling to travel with Cliff and have ended up using it for baths with Brooke. It’s easy to use, easy to store and easy to wash. I couldn’t find the exact bath but this one is similar.

Hooded Towels Both of our kids have loved bath time. A hooded towel keeps them warm when they get out of the bath and they are so dang cute!

Wash Cloths I use wash cloths for the obvious reasons but also usually cover my baby with a warm one while I bath her!

Dr Brown Bottles
(preemie nipples)- Both of my kids have taken the Dr. Brown bottle very easily. I honestly think I was just lucky. We introduced the bottle week one with both kids and they both took the bottle and continued to breastfeed just fine. We used the preemie nipples the first few weeks so that the flow wasn’t too strong for them.

Cheap Burp Rags- Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a cute monogrammed burp rag but if you have a kid who spits as much as mine do you need so many in one day. My favorite are actually the Gerber cloth diapers.

Nursing/Car Seat Cover This is the one I had for Cliff and this is the one I have for Brooke! I like this style because it stays put on the car seat and while you are nursing!

On The Go:
Baby Shusher-
I got this as a gift at Brooke’s baby shower and it has been a total life saver! It brings the bedroom with us! Since Brooke is used to sleeping with a noisemaker it keeps her happy as she is in her car seat.

Diaper Bag or Totesavy– I had the Kate Spade bag with Cliff and use my regular bag with the Totesavy with Brooke. I think it is completely personal preference. Some people also love a back pack and there are a ton of great back packs out there.

Car Mirror This gives me peace of mind while babies are rear facing. I am able to see what they are doing and make sure they are ok!

Around The House:
Blankets– Blankets are another personal thing but you will need a few to cover the baby for outings and for keeping them warm inside. Here are some of my favorites: G.H. Hurt & Son (blanket Princess Kate wraps all of her babies in), Chouchou, Little Giraffe, LoveableGiftCo and Pottery Barn Kids.

Mits– Newborns come out with razor sharp nails. The mits will keep the baby from scratching themselves and you.

Padded Blanket or Lamb– My mom got this for Brooke (I didn’t think we needed it but Mom’s always right) and she absolutely loves it! She likes her “alone time” and this is super padded and comfy!

Play Gym- This is what we have and both kids have loved it! Keeps them engaged and I think it’s super cute!

Baby Toys– Here are some of my favorites!

Crib– We got the Jenny Lind Crib for Brooke and the Pottery Barn Reese Convertible Crib for Cliff. I love both! I thought the Jenny Lind looked a little more girly and the Reese looked a little more masculine.

Rocker/Glider- This was a splurge item and have used it for both babies but we have the Restoration Hardware Glider and L.O.V.E. it!

Changing Pad- I had the Pottery Barn Changing pad and cover with Cliff and am trying out the Keekaroo Changing Pad with Brooke. The pad I used with Cliff was super comfy but I found myself washing the cover all the time. The Keekaroo isn’t quite as comfy but it is VERY easy cleanup. So there are pros and cons to both!

Diaper Pale- We have the Ubbi in Cliff’s room and the Diaper Genie in Brooke’s room. I don’t know if diaper pales have a lifespan but if they do I think it might be 2 years because the smell the comes from it is NASTY. We are trying the Genie with Brooke to see if it makes a difference.

Baby Monitor- We have the Motorola that isn’t Wifi capable. It has worked fine but now that it is over two years old and been used every day it doesn’t hold much of a charge. I am sure there are different monitors out there that have better technology but we liked not having this connected to wifi so hackers wouldn’t be able to potentially creep.

Side Table- I only say this because I use mine all the time while I am in my glider. It is nice to have a place for water and your phone. I have this one from Pottery Barn but the options are limitless!

Changing Table- This is an obvious one but you don’t have to have an actual changing table in my opinion. With both kids we have purchased chests of drawers and just placed the changing pad on top.

Nail clippers or file– Babies come out with razor sharp nails and they need to be maintained so you and your baby don’t end up with scratch marks. I think nail clippers are scary in the off chance you clip your baby’s skin so I stick to little nail files.

Gripe Water– If you have a fussy baby I think that gripe water helps a bit! Brooke has been much fussier than Cliff and she takes the gripe water like a champ and it seems to help a little!

Thermometer– You will want to have a small rectal thermometer for your baby. This is the most accurate way to get a temperature until 6 months of age. I like using the rectal thermometer so I know I am sticking it in far enough but not too far.

Nose Frida– If you haven’t heard of this it sounds nasty but it works so well! It’s a legit snot sucker! Trust me you want one!

Gas Drops Just in case you have a baby with gas…I did and was glad that we had these.

Solly Baby Wrap– This is a baby carrier that Brooke has lived in. It really calms her down and it allows me to still play with Cliff! Not sure what I would have done without this!!

I am sure that I have left some things off but based off of the last 8 weeks with Brooke these are the items that we actually use! Please leave a comment if you have a “must have” that you want to share with everyone! We have some items in storage for when she can sit up and play more and I will do another post on that in a few months! I am also going to do another post on my favorite postpartum must haves for mama! Stay tuned for that coming in a week or two!

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