Summer with Littles

Summer in Texas in NO JOKE! Many days get above 100! What in the world do you do with your little ones? I don’t have it all figured out by any means but here are my simple suggestions based on the last two years and the beginning of this year!

Splash Pad – We had this last summer with Cliff and loved it! It is fun for kids who are sitting, crawling and walking!

Baby Pool – We have gone through a few baby pools in our backyard! Last year we tried two different blow up pools. They were both a ton of fun but both ended up popping due to my crazy boy! This year I am trying a plastic pool. You can always add balls, plastic animals or whatever your kid likes to play with to make it more exciting!

Pool Float/Puddle Jumper– If you have access to a pool you will want to get a float or puddle jumper. For babies you should get a float and for toddlers you should get a puddle jumper.

Water Table – The water table is simple but guaranteed fun! This is another place you can get creative. You can add toys for pouring, balls, animals etc! You can also add a few drops of regular food coloring to make the water a different color. This is a HUGE hit with our kids!

Water Balloons – We just tried this and the kids LOVED it. It is so fun for the kids but does have a bit of clean up! So, make sure you have some time and/or help to clean up all the popped balloons.

Water Guns – Skip this one if you aren’t ready to introduce your kids to guns but water guns are a fun way to stay cool! We got these last summer and they provided hours of entertainment.

Local Splash Pad – Check your local Parks and Recreation website but many places have splash pads nearby! Here is the website for Dallas Spraygrounds.

Clip on Fan – A fan is a must for anyone who has a baby still in a car seat or if you plan on taking the kids outside in a stroller! We like to go on walks in the morning before the heat gets too bad but it is still nice to have airflow on the babies.

Popsicles – Simple, cheap and easy! Popsicles are always a hit with the kids and helps cool them down!

Water, water, water! – Find the water bottle that your kid will use and keep it full at all times! This is our favorite water bottle!

Sunscreen – I suggest using Beautycounter sunscreen because so many others have gross chemicals that go directly into the kids bloodstream. Read this article if you want to know more. But even if you don’t use Beautycounter please protect your little ones from the sun!

Hats – We love this bucket hat for babies and this hat for toddlers!

Rashguard – Rashguards are a great way to protect the kids from the sun and keep them cool. We have a few different brands but this is the one that I got for Cliff this summer!

Neck Wraps – We haven’t used these yet but I have them ordered. I remember using these at soccer games growing up so I am going to try them with the kids!

If you are in Dallas here are some of my favorite outdoor places:

  • Dallas Zoo – water in the kids zone
  • Dallas Arboretum – water in the kid’s garden
  • Lake Highlands Splash Pad – they are opening a new aquatics center and I am excited to try it out.
  • Dallas Athletic Club – must be a member but it is perfect for families
  • White Rock Lake

Here are some of my favorite indoor activities for days that are just too hot to get out in the heat:

  • Audelia Library or any local library
  • Watermark Tree Fort
  • Dallas World Aquarium
  • Fair Park Aquarium
  • Open gym at PCBC

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