Mountain Skin Survival Guide

I don’t know about y’all but when I go to a new climate my skin struggles – with a capital S! This trip to Colorado was a little different thanks to my Beautycounter products. I used my usual Countercontrol regimen but added a few things for extra moisture! So, if you are struggling with dry skin or are traveling to a drier climate you might want to give these few things a try!

    Hydrating Body Lotion – I just about used my entire bottle while in Colorado. I lathered my arms and legs every morning and every night to keep the dry, flakey skin away. The mornings that I forgot to apply my lotion I would look down at my legs mid-day and notice a white film on them from the dryness. You could also use the body oil (which I love) but I accidentally left mine in Dallas.
    Melting Body Balm – The Balm is great for stubborn dry spots or anywhere on your body you need more focused hydration. For me this was around my arm pits and creases of my elbows.
    Recovery Sleeping Cream – This cream is already a part of my nightly routine but while in the dry air I added an extra pump and spent some extra time making sure I covered my entire face and neck.
    Adaptive Moisture Lotion – I also already use this in my daily routine in the mornings. I put this on under my makeup and it adapts to my skins needs throughout the day.
    Intense Moisture Serum – I added in the serum while in Colorado for the extra hydration and I honestly think this is what made the difference for my face. I usually end up with chapped and flakey skin and I never did this trip.
    Lip Conditioner – I usually use this at night to keep my lips conditioned and I wake up with silky smooth lips. While I love this product in Dallas it didn’t quite cut it in Colorado. If y’all know of a way to keep your lips from getting chapped let me know!!
    Cleansing Balm – I also already use this on a daily basis but this is another way to add extra moisture to needy spots. I use this on my face and the body balm on my body.
    Overnight Resurfacing Peel – I don’t leave home without my peel and usually use this 2-3 times a week. It’s just a nice reset for my skin!
    Countersun Sunscreen – I actually almost forgot this but when traveling to altitude it’s super important to take sunscreen with you. You are much closer to the sun and usually get burned much faster! I used the spray on my body, the dew skin on my face and the stick on my lips.

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