Letter A Unit

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We did it! We made it through our first unit of homeschool! I was scared to death but it was really amazing! Cliff loved it so much that he asked for school on our off days and mama had to get creative! Brooke also loved being included and picked up age appropriate things along the way.

We are using Peaceful Preschool by The Peaceful Press and it has been a perfect fit for our family! Even if you aren’t homeschooling and are just looking for ideas the curriculum is super affordable and has great activities. Other resources I am using are The Good and the Beautiful Pre-K workbook and Doodles and Pre-Writing workbook! We also love pulling ideas from BusyToddler, Days with Grey and Simply Learning.

We start our mornings off with circle time and reading! This chart is from Lakeshore Learning and he been fun for both kids! Cliff loves changing the date and Brooke enjoying playing with the Velcro counting pieces.

The books we read this week are How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World, Ten Apples Up on Top, Eating the Alphabet and A is for Apple. We also use the Kids Adventure Bible to practice looking up verses in a bible.

I structured our weeks to do Peaceful Preschool on Monday and Wednesday and The Good and the Beautiful on Friday. Now that Cliff wants school a little every morning I am going to reassess and restructure! I’ll keep you updated!

I used the printables from Peaceful Preschool and Simply Learning for the Unit. If you see something you would like a copy of please email me!

Here are all the activities we did with the supplies needed!

Letter A Flashcards: The Peaceful Preschool provides printables and these flash cards are included. We used glitter glue to trace the letters and we will do this for each letter until we have a full alphabet.

Tissue Paper Apple: We used small tissue paper squares to decorate an apple. Cliff loved using the glue stick and attaching the tissue paper to the paper. The final product is beautiful and he was proud to show this off to friends and family!

Dot Paint A: Use a simple A printable and dot paint. Let the kids stamp away! This was a hit for Brooke (18 months) and Cliff (3.5 years)

“A”lien: cliff enjoyed the final product here but this was very mom involved. Use popsicles sticks, pipe cleaners, paint, googly eyes, glue and glue gun. I let Cliff paint the sticks and attach the eyes and pipe cleaners. I used the glue gun to make the A and reinforce the pipe cleaners.

Paper Plate Apple: This was quick but fun! We used a paper plate, red paint and construction paper.

Apple Picking: I scattered Pom poms around the room and had the kids gather Pom poms, Easter egg hunt style, and put them in their baskets. Once we gathered we practiced counting!

Apple Cutting: I ordered these toddler knives and let Cliff cut up apples. He literally could have done this ALL DAY!

Finger Paint Patterns: I used the printable from Simply Learning and we used finger paints to practice patterns.

Apple Tree Water Color: Simple water color project. I suggest using water color paper or card stock so the paper doesn’t get wet and tear.

Salt Writing: I covered a tray with salt and had Cliff practice writing his A. This quickly became a sensory activity and both kids loved it. I suggest doing this outside as it gets messy!

Cinnamon Stick Transfer: This activity was only a hit with Brooke but she simply took Cinnamon sticks and put them in a spice jar.

Clay Play: I had Cliff roll the clay and try to make an A. I used our write and wipe pocket with an A inside for him to use as his example.

Alphabet Rice Sensory Bin: I had rainbow rice and added magnetic letters and magnetic wands. Cliff found letters he recognized and Brooke played with rice.

The Good and The Beautiful Lesson 1 & 2: Lesson 1 & 2 focus on the letter A so we used it along side of our letter A unit.

I am figuring this out as I go and will share as much as I can and have time for! Please email me if you have any questions or want any pointers!

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