Letter B Unit

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We are building off of the momentum from the Letter A Unit! I decided to follow Peaceful Preschool on Monday and Tuesday; Simply Learning Kids & Extra activities on Wednesday and Thursday; and The Good and The Beautiful on Friday. I have also decided to do these blog posts as we go so I’ll update throughout the week!

Glitter Glue B: Each letter unit of Peaceful Preschool comes with flash cards for the kids to trace with glitter glue. The goal is to end up with a full set of multi sensory flash cards.

Blueberry Playdoh: Here is the recipe I use. I also add blueberry scent and blue glitter.

Blueberry Watercolor: I found this printable online to give the kids an outline to follow. I just give them the sheet, water color paint and some water and let them be creative!

Bible Verse Decorating: Each unit has a bible verse that corresponds with the letter. We find the verse in the Kids Adventure Bible and then decorate our verse. I would love to start memorizing the verses but I know this will take time!

Number Counting: We used the number cards from Peaceful Preschool and practiced counting to 4 with number recognition. Cliff even pulled the number 4 out of the rice bin today and said, “Look mom, the number 4!” You can get creative with these cards and use different items for counting. So far we have used berries and finger puppets.

Play Doh Mats: I found these play doh mats on 123homeschool4me.com. I laminated them and they are great for tracing with a dry erase marker!

Creation Coloring and Stickers: Today we read the story of God’s creation. We used this coloring page to talk about how God created light, land, water and animals! I let them color the scene and then we added stickers!

Hole Punch Letter Recognition: I used this template from kindergartenworksheetsandgames.com and we used single hole punchers. Something about hole punching is super fun for Cliff and it is great for building and developing their hand muscles and bones.

Dot Paint Letter Recognition: Cliff and Brooke love using their dot paint and this template is a fun way to practice letter recognition.

B Bracelet: My husband’s cousin is a teacher and she sent me this idea! We used this template and will make a bracelet for each letter we do! I only had one kid interested in this today and that is OK!

Bunny Art: We used this template from Simply Learning Kids, cotton balls and glue! Both kids really enjoyed using glue and playing with the cotton balls. This took much longer than anticipated and was the main craft for the day!

B Hat: This simple craft is a fun, quick reminder of the letter we are working on! It had the letter and words that start with the letter. We reviewed each word and the letters we knew in each word with Cliff. With Brooke, we just taught her the new words! Everyone wins! Once they are finished coloring or painting you just staple and done! Today we used these new paint brush pens we found and both kids really enjoyed them!

Water Beads: My goal is to provide the kids with a sensory bin or activity each week. A fan favorite in our house is water beads! And to top it off beads start with B so it worked for our unit!

Bracelets: So to be honest, I thought this would be more of a hit with Cliff but Brooke loved it and Cliff didn’t want to be bothered with this. Always so interesting! But this is a great activity to work on fine motor skills! Just pipe cleaner and beads!

Bean B: This is our unit letter and for B we glued Beans inside the letter B. Before we glued we worked on tracing with our finger!

On Friday we use The Good and The Beautiful Pre-K Lessons that corresponds with the unit we are on. These lessons are short which is good since it’s a little more literature intensive than we are used to. My kids definitely prefer hands on activities as opposed to a workbook. Cliff does enjoy the Doodle workbook which works on tracing and hand control. For Brooke, I let her doodle in her own notebook and she feels just like big brother!

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