Letter C Unit

We are excited about the C unit because Cliff already knows this letter! He basically “taught” homeschool today! I love it because he is so enthusiastic and eager!

We are entering into our second month of school at home and are learning our rhythms! If Cliff had it his way we would do school every day but this pregnant mama of two can’t quite keep up with that! We take one day off a week to play with our friends and then another day for just sensory play or a “field trip”. Last week we did water beads and this week we are going to try whipped cream (outside of course)! Here are the activities for this unit…

Glitter Glue C- As with every Unit, we start off with our glitter glue letter! The kids have come to expect it and they working on their tracing and letter recognition!

Coin Counting- I don’t know about your kids, but my kids love coins. We have some plastic Melissa and Doug coins that we use! They love putting them into their coin box and Cliff loves using them to count. This month we are working on numbers 5, 6 & 7.

Watercolor Cap- To go along with the book, Caps for Sale, we watercolored this cap! Each week the kids get better and better at their painting! Cliff has finally started painting “in the lines” and Brooke no longer spills all the water!

Hole Punch – C: I used this template and a single hole punch for this activity. It’s good for helping develop the hand and letter recognition. There is also something super satisfying about hole punching for the littles!

Letter B Glue Cherrios: Each unit comes with a large letter printable. If you don’t use The Peaceful Press you can find a free printable here. For this letter we glued Cherrios to go along with our edible school day!

Cream Sensory Activity: Came up with this one after my mom reminded me about shaving cream. I didn’t want to risk Brooke trying to eat the shaving cream so we are using Whipping Cream instead. We are going to practice our letters in the cream and then just have some messy fun!

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree– This activity was super homemade but just as good as any printable. I used construction paper and made a tree. I wrote all the letter of the alphabet on the tree and let them match their ABC stickers with the letters on the tree.

Mad Mattr C– We recently picked up some Mad Mattr and both kids love it. We practiced molding the Mad Mattr to make the letter C using our play doh mat.

Letter Recognition Circling– I used this letter recognition worksheet and had Cliff circle all the Cs he could find. He loved this activity because he got to “show off” his skills. Once he circled all the Cs we also reviewed all the As and Bs! This worked on his letter recognition and pencil grip.

Crystal Hedgehog– We just got this Crystal Growing kit from Hobby Town but can also be ordered here. Cliff loves science experiments and I am going to start incorporating an experiment that coincides with each unit. Crystal making will be our C experiment.

Stamp, Trace & Poke C- We usually use this Simply Kids Learning free printable worksheet at some point in each unit as a quick letter recognition touch point.

Sewing Activity– I found this cute sewing activity in the Target dollar spot but here is a similar activity. I wasn’t sure if either kid would enjoy this but they did and it is SO good for their fine motor skills!

Corduroy Counting– We continued with the bear theme and used these cards for counting and used Teddy Grahams as our counting material.

Button Search Sensory Bin– I but buttons in almond flour and let the kids dig in the “sand” for them. Yes, this was messy! But the kids loved it!

Books we use with this unit are Caps for Sale, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and A Pocket for Corduroy.

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