Letter D Unit

As I have said before, this homeschool thing is a “learn as you go” process. I had started noticing that spending two weeks in a letter was getting a little repetitive for Cliff. So, moving forward we are going to be spending a week on each letter! We may not get to all of our activities but I will still share everything! Also, if you ever want to use anything that I have used please reach out!!

All that being said…here is what we did for the letter D!

Glitter Glue D– As with every unit, we start off simple and learn the letter for the week. We trace an uppercase letter and a lowercase letter with glitter glue.

Donut Counting– D is a fun letter because we got to go get donuts to start the week. After we finished eating our chocolate sprinkle donuts we used our donuts holes to practice counting. We used our Peaceful Press counting cards to count the holes. We paired this activity with an apple juice tea party because in the book “When you give a dog a donut” he asks for apple juice with his donut. So much hidden learning in this activity. Hand control with pouring, reading comprehension with remembering what the book said, imagination and pretend play and much more!

Paper Donuts– Our craft for this day was to make donuts out of construction paper. I pre-cut the circles and then let them glue and decorate!

Duck Craft– Playing with feathers is fan favorite at our house. So I had the kids make ducks using this template, glue and feathers.

Duck Foot Cutting- Cliff loves to use scissors so I gave him a duck foot to cut out to go along with our learning of ducks.

Duck Sensory Bin– I gave the kids some ducks, containers and scoops and let them be creative. They had so much fun and it was easy clean up since it was just water.

Dot Shape Cutting– Dots were the theme for the day so I gave Cliff these dot shapes to cut. This way he was working on his shape recognition while practicing his scissor skills.

Dot D- While Cliff was cutting I gave Brooke dot stickers to decorate her D. I took the sticky background off the paper to make is easier for her little finger to grab the dots.

“Dot” Doh– This is actually playfoam but we called it dot doh to go with the dot theme. The kids enjoyed playing with it and it was a new sensory activity to add.

The books that we used for this unit are If You Give a Dog a Donut, Make Way for Ducklings and Poke-A-Dot ABCs

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