Letter E Unit

Last week we learned the true beauty of homeschooling. We decided to take the week off and spend the week with my family in Houston. We are back home and back to school this week! Here is what we have done with the letter E…

Glitter Glue E- As we do with all units we introduce the new letter with making our glitter glue cards.

Egg Number Match- This was a new concept for Cliff and he rocked it. I wrote numbers 1-12 on the bottom of the egg carton and the same numbers on the top of the eggs. (I hard boiled the eggs in case they were dropped) He took the eggs and matched them with the number in the cartons. We worked on number recognition and matching in this activity.

Egg Painting- Once we completed our matching activity we took school outside and painted our eggs!

Earth Playdoh and Mats- As I read them The Earth Book I let them play with their earth play doh. This is the play doh recipe that I use. I have found that having something to do with their hands while I read a book usually helps us get through the entire book! I also let them play on their E playdoh mats and encourage making Es out of play Doh.

Q Tip Paint- I used this template of the earth and let them dot paint with q tips. This worked on color recognition for Brooke and fine motor skills and hand control for Cliff.

Letter E Coloring- I gave them their E letter for the week and just let them use good ole Crayons. Brooke is learning the difference between big and little (baby) so she focused on the little e and the big E. Cliff wanted to working on tracing!

Elmer Elephant Craft– After reading the Elmer book I had each of the kids make their own Elmer. I gave them an elephant outline, a glue stick and some tissue paper squares.

Here are the books we have used: An Egg is Quiet, The Earth Book and Elmer.

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